Join the Steak Club Waiting List
We’re inviting a limited number of new members each month.

Our Steak Club members receive the top 10% of our 100% grass fed wagyu meat. Supply is limited and to ensure we have enough for everyone and to manage our growth we operate a waiting list.  Join our waiting list and we’ll send you an invitation to become a member as soon as a space becomes available.  We invite a group of new members into the club on most months.  If you know someone in the club, make sure you let us know to receive priority access!

No payment is required at this time.  If you have any questions about the waiting list, contact us at

Please let us know which, if any, existing members you know and why you believe you'll be a good addition to the First Light Steak Club?

Which plan would you like to join (you can change your mind later)?

All plans offer a different cut each month and feature our Marble Score (MBS) 5+ meats. The Classic plan includes tenderloin, ribeye and NY strip at least twice a year as well as a mix of test kitchen favorites like picanha and short ribs and averages 5 lbs of meat per month.

The Light Plan is a similar mix of cuts but for those with fewer mouths to feed and averages just under 3 lbs of meat a month. Finally, the Steakhouse plan is for those who only want tenderloins, ribeyes and NY strips and it averages 4.5 lbs a month.

$105 / month
MBS 5+
$150 / month
MBS 5+
$195 / month
MBS 5+