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First Light’s Pasture raised venison is farmed in open 200 – 300 acre paddocks. New Zealand deer are a hybrid of Eastern European Red / North American ELK. Unlike wild deer who always live in a constant state of survival. Pasture raised deer have access to food, water and shelter with no predators. Resulting in delicious tender meat with a completely different taste and texture to wild deer.

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Venison Cubed Stew Meat

1.1lb pack


Venison Tri Tips

2 x Tri Tips


Venison 8-rib Rack

1 x 8 Rib Rack


Ground Venison

4 x 1lb Packs · 95% Lean


Venison Striploin

Whole Striploin


Venison Tenderloin

2 x Tenderloins


Venison Short Loin

Backstrap · NY Strip


Venison 10 Ribs

2 x 5 Rib racks


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