North American ELK were gifted to New Zealand by Teddy Roosevelt in 1905. With a climate similar to the mountains of mid-West, and no natural predators, ELK quickly acclimatised and thrived in New Zealand. Today, alongside a healthy wild population, a small number of ELK are raised on extensive ranches, by passionate First Light farmers.

First Light ELK is a tender, healthy and delicious red meat. Packed with protein and essential micronutrients, treat your body and your mind. Enjoy!

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Elk 5 Rib Rack

1 x 5 Rib Rack


Elk Variety Box


Elk Back Strap Portion



Elk Intro Box


Elk Medallions

4 pieces


Elk Tomahawk



Ground Elk

4 x 1lb Packs


Ground Variety Box


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