Wagyu Half Ribeye Loin

Marble Score 4-5

Many call them the King of Steaks. First Light Ribeye certainly packs a flavor punch that’s pretty hard to beat.


Product Description

This is a half of a Ribeye loin. It can easily be cut into steaks of any size.

  • First Light Wagyu Beef is 100% grass-fed and finished
  • Non GMO project certified
  • Certified Humane
  • No Antibiotics or added Hormones ever
  • First Light cattle are raised on open pasture 24/7

This Ribeye has been graded marble score 4-5. This indicates the amount of marbling in it. MBS 4-5 is classed as medium.

Delivered FROZEN. If you would like to cut this ribeye into steaks, let thaw until possible to cut. Vacuum pack the steaks. You can then refreeze them until ready to eat.

Average weight is 3-4 pounds.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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13 Sep 2022
Andrew L.

Great ribeye

First steak was great and is really solid value. Excited to try more cuts

13 Sep 2022
Nadav D.

Great meat

High quality beefs without a doubt. Would buy again.

12 Sep 2022
Albert S.

Hit with the family

I ordered both the mbs 2-3 and mbs 4-5 ribeye ***** and I'm not sure which this is, so I'll review both. Most preferred the mbs 4-5, but I actually preferred the mbs 2-3. Both were a fun experience that I will for sure enjoy again. There was a clear difference in marbling so there was no doubt about which grade was which. I cut everything at 2 inches, the same way I cut all my rib *****, wagyu or not. Maybe I did that wrong because it led to the sear needing to be more harsh for the higher grade (pan seared and cooked) to be done medium rare at that thickness. For the others, it didn't take away from the meat at all. They enjoyed it and hated that we had to serve the lower grade to finish the meal, but I was wildly surprised by the MBS 2-3 meat. I'll order both and learn from my mistakes, but for sure will put some extra love into the MBS 2-3 grade. Again, both were great and will order again (family pressure because they really enjoyed the higher grade stuff). The higher grade meat definitely had more fat per bite. You may need to trim it some. It also had a firmness that the other lacked and you could tell from cutting it that it wasn't the usual beef. My cutlery went through it with an ease that belied the **** thickness. It's appearance was certainly that of wagyu as well. The flavor was immediate and even lingered a bit on the palette. Everything about it was smooth. The usual harshness of beef from the eye itself was missing, making every bit its own experience. Enjoyed it very much and one order has made it a holiday staple for us.

28 Aug 2022
Ghassan A.

Very Tender and succulent

Very tasty can’t go wrong

16 Aug 2022
Mohsen S.

Best of the Best

Amazing . I love itr

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